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The Sustainable Printworks is an eco-friendly, fast turnaround, online digital and litho printer based in Canterbury

Sustainably sourced folded leaflets

Sustainably sourced leaflets with a variety of folding options


    Folded leaflets are available in sizes from A7 up to A3 and on a range of stocks. Click here if you don't want your leaflets folded.

    If you would like us to help design your folded leaflets or if you need any help or advice before purchasing, please call, email, or talk to us via live chat.

    Our leaflets are made from 100% FSC certified pulp. FSC stand for the Forestry Stewardship Council. It's an international non-profit organisation formed in 1993 to introduce a certification system to uphold benchmark standards for sustainable forestry and paper production.

    The Sustainable Printworks uses vegetable-based inks as an alternative to petroleum-based products. As well as deriving from a non-renewable resource, petroleum-based inks are known to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to global warming. On the other hand, vegetable inks are a sustainable and less harmful alternative that also produce great results on the page.

    Our folded leaflet range includes simple central folds as well as more complex and creative folds. Leaflets are the best choice for conveying a lot of information in an easily accessible format. Our 130gsm stocks are folded, while our thicker 170gsm stocks are creased and folded to protect the ink and provide a smooth fold.

    Understanding folding options

    There are a number of options available to choose above. If the range seems a little bewildering, this brief guide should help. If at any time you need any advice or assistance, please either call, email or talk to us in the live chat.

    PP refers to the number of printed pages. For example, 1pp means single sided, whereas 4pp refers to a sheet of paper with one fold creating four pages. As the number of folds increase, the number of pages also increases. Not all size and fold combinations are available. For example an A5 flyer can't be Z folded to 8pp because it would be too small. If you select a combination that isn't available, your selections will update automatically.

    The available folding options are:

    Cross fold

    Double parallel fold

    Half fold

    Half fold plus roll fold

    Gate fold

    Roll fold to 6pp

    Roll fold to 8pp

    Z fold to 6pp

    Z fold to 8pp


    Printed SidesSingle or Double Sided
    MaterialGloss and Silk options available

    Artwork Requirements

    Bleed3mm All Round
    Safe Zone3mm
    Resolution300 dpi minimum
    FontsOutlined or Embedded

    Please Note

    When creating any leaflet, please supply your artwork as a 2 page, double sided PDF. For example, on an A4 creased to A5, page 1 should display pages 4 & 1 of the leaflet and page 2 should display pages 2 & 3

    Before submitting creased leaflet artwork, we recommend you print a mock up to check the artwork is positioned correctly.

    When creating artwork with a landscape crease, please submit the front and back pages on the same page, with the front page orientation correct and the back page rotated 180 degrees. The inside pages should be on page 2 and rotated 180 degrees so that the orientation is correct on the final print. You can check the orientation is correct by printing a mock up before sending your artwork.